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Software development, Professional, Individual

To ensure quality and reliability of a program, many different factors and problems need to be considered and solved.

A variety of challenges occur on creating new, as well as modifiying and upgrading already existent software, for the team and each individual involved. To be able to manage these, every participant is required to act thoughtfully and precisely at the same time while working on specific work packages. During this process, not only release dates should be taken into account, but quality of implementation as well. In addition to that, a flexible way of working is required to be able to react on fast changes in the plan accordingly, or add new ideas to the project.

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Quality over Quantity

Identification of blind spots in a project are fundamental during development. By their detection and removal many problems can be solved before they occur. At the same time, technical correctness, reproducibility and documentation of source code is critical for all currently involved and subsequent developers. Altogether, a robust software package is created that is able to compete in the long run.

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Cutting edge technology

To make sure your software is ready for the future, I specialized on the Rust programming language. After years of experience working with the long-established languages such as PHP, JavaScript and Python, I started working with this cutting-edge language that is expected to be the successor of C++. Because of its ergonomic ecosystem, it has a vast variety of use cases.

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Services, Tailor-made

As an engineer I offer different services in the area of software for your special applications. These include

  • conceptual activities,

  • development of web applications as well as

  • applications for data-processing & visualization

as Lead-Developer, Developer or in a supporting/mentoring position.

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Collaboration, Uncomplicated, Direct

I am happy to support your development team with my knowledge and long-standing experience as a software specialist. Profiting from my communication skills and quick grasp I am able to integrate myself seamlessly into already existing structures, or build up new ones with an uncomplicated and well thought-out approach. I am happy to work on team- or one-man-projects with you.

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I am looking forward to your request as well as a possible collaboration! Stay healthy!