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Remote, Stuhr, Oldenburg, Bremen

About me

Lewin Probst, Freelance Software Engineer in Remote, Stuhr, Oldenburg and Bremen.
Lewin Probst, M.Sc.EngineerB.Sc. Maritime Technologies, focus on wind energy and marine engineeringM.Sc. Navigation and Environmental Robotics

More than fifteen years ago I started to learn about computer technology as well as my first programming languages which have been HTML, CSS as well as Delphi.
Nowadays I have turned my passion to create software into a profession. My never ending will to improve myself kept me learning new technologies and methods and it still does. Having a keen sense for details, I am not only interested in the languages itself but whats behind. Creating software is not only about programming but about knowing the systems used and solving the users problem with a clean and productive user experience.


After finishing my Master Thesis in 2015, I started a job in science as measurement technician and software engineer. Beside the technical maintenance on multiple science expeditions spanning up to four months in a row, I was mainly developing with Python and MATLAB. Having the main task to create specialised software for data processing and visualisation that needs to be reliable and operatively applicable at science observatories.
To get a full overview of my experience have a look at my curriculum vitae.



  • HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript
  • MySql
  • Python
  • C++, C#
  • LaTeX
  • Rust[evolving]

Software & Tools

  • Expert knowledge in Linux and Windows
  • Git, Subversion
  • Apache2, Nginx
  • Inkscape, GIMP
  • Vim, Atom, PyCharm, Eclipse
  • ROS, ROS2
  • Laravel[evolving]
  • React, Vue[evolving]


Building software that is reusable and reliable is a difficult process. It requires the ability of the one programming to scrutinize and refactor the written code, over and over again. Increasing the iterations during development not only raises the readability of the source code, but also the quality and reliability of the resulting software.
Keeping this in mind, I follow these principles:

One Client At A TimeTo be able to fully concentrate and staying focused on the ongoing project.
Communication Is KeyCommunication solves problems before they appear, keep it as high as possible.
FlexibilityReacting flexible and targeted to changes of the plan during development is crucial to create great software.
TransparencyKeeping the ongoing work transparent for the involved makes development more pleasent and successful.
Expand your knowledgeNever stop learning. It keeps your mind fresh and creative.
90% RemoteWorking from anywhere enables me to focus on the project in an environment that maximizes my productivity.


Most of the work I did so far is under a proprietary license, thus I am not able to show it here.
I am updating this list on a regular basis so check back later for more information, or feel free to contact me.

A lightweight tool for a centralized state to view synchronisation using vanilla JavaScript.JavaScriptMITView Code


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